The Education Hub undertakes rigorous scholarship to advance and deepen understanding of how changing contexts, new research, and evolving technologies are shaping education and to identify new approaches to policy and practice.

White Paper: From Tinkering to Intelligent Action

This white paper explores the absence of a built-for-purpose R&D system in education that supports the generation, dissemination and application of usable knowledge to foster system-wide innovation and improvement in our schools.

The paper proposes 10 principles that should guide and underpin a new knowledge system in education and explores how the work of The Education Hub could support this agenda.

Read From Tinkering to Intelligent Action [PDF] 

Innovation and Improvement: the quest to effectively spread and implement ideas in education

This project builds on the ideas presented in the white paper to investigate the processes currently in place to support the testing, development and scaling of innovations in education, as well as the barriers that hinder scaling efforts. It addresses the challenge in education of taking successful, evidence-informed ideas to scale.

To be released September 2017

Networks for Success? What we can learn from our most effective Communities of Learning (CoLs)

Communities of Learning are a key part of the Government’s Investing in Education Success policy, introduced in 2014. In this project we draw on our concept of learning from our bright spots to identify the practices and approaches that support the effective operation of CoLs. This project will involve in depth case studies of the most effective CoLs to better understand the supports, practices and resources that enable well-functioning and high impact networks of schools.