Embedding Teaching as Inquiry in your school

4:30pm, 9 May, 2018 / University of Auckland
This seminar will give teachers and school leaders the opportunity to learn about the importance of teaching as inquiry as well as providing practical strategies and ideas to support an understanding of how teaching as inquiry can be effectively implemented in schools. Professor Graeme Aitken and Associate Professor Claire Sinnema, from The University of Auckland, developed the Teaching as Inquiry model in the New Zealand Curriculum and have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with schools on developing inquiry practices. They will be joined by Alison Taylor, Deputy Principal at Pakuranga College, who will discuss her school’s journey to embed teaching as inquiry into the practice and mindset of their teachers. Alison’s presentation will also offer practical steps and resources that other schools could use in their own teaching as inquiry journeys.

How to become a high expectation teacher

4:30pm, 22 May, 2018 / University of Auckland
This seminar and discussion will give teachers and school leaders the opportunity to learn about the importance and key principles of high expectation teaching from leading researcher Professor Christine-Rubie Davies. Christine’s research with New Zealand schools has demonstrated the impact that teachers’ expectations have on their students’ learning and the learning conditions that support high expectation teaching practice. In this seminar Christine will discuss the importance of being a high expectation teacher as well as providing practical strategies that teachers can implement in their own classrooms. Anja Hennig, a Year 6 teacher who was part of Christine’s High Expectation Teacher Project, will discuss how she has transformed her own teaching practice and accelerated the learning of her students by utilising Christine’s research, and will share her top strategies and resources.

Learning Circle

The Education Hub is delighted to offer up to 12 teachers and school leaders the opportunity to join a free professional learning circle, which will enable them to dive deeper into their assessment for learning practice. Throughout 2018 educators will engage in sustained, collaborative learning, and the chance to trial new ideas and to experiment in their practice, with the support of an assessment for learning expert. There will be 6 face-to-face sessions (held in Auckland) throughout the year as well as the opportunity for online support and engagement between sessions. If you are interested in participating in this learning circle please contact Nina: nina@theeducationhub.org.nz

We currently offer 4 types of events:

Seminars: researchers discuss their research specifically for a teacher audience, offering rich insights together with practical ideas and strategies

Educator Q+As: for teachers, by teachers. Expert teachers share how they are applying particular research in their teaching practice and offer practical strategies and resources

Learning circles: provide teachers with the opportunity to delve deeper into the research, and to discuss particular research findings and reports with each other, and guided by an expert facilitator

Report launches: we aim to release two research reports each year. Each release will have an accompanying event, which will delve into the main themes and implications of the report.