Hub Reports - Launching Soon

Our full website is currently under development. Over the coming month our web development team will continue to develop and test the resource guide section of our website where our research overviews, school case studies, infographics and videos will be housed. In the meantime we are providing you with a sneak peak of some of our resources. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to find out when the full suite of resources will be available.

White Paper: From Tinkering to Intelligent Action (PDF)

This white paper explores the absence of a built-for-purpose R&D system in education that supports the generation, dissemination and application of usable knowledge to foster system-wide innovation and improvement in our schools.

The paper proposes 10 principles that should guide and underpin a new knowledge system in education and explores how the work of The Education Hub could support this agenda.

Innovation and Improvement: the quest to effectively disseminate and implement ideas at scale in education

This project builds on the ideas presented in the white paper to investigate the processes currently in place to support the testing, development and scaling of innovations in education, as well as the barriers that hinder scaling efforts. It addresses the challenge facing education of how, and indeed whether) to take successful, evidence-informed ideas to scale.

On Knowledge; the importance of multiple conceptions and approaches to knowledge in education

Knowledge holds a somewhat contested place in schools and education currently. The “21st century skills” movement has de-prioritised the role of knowledge (and content) in place of competencies and skills, particularly those competencies and skills that are supposedly required for future employment. Similar trends are influencing the position and role of teachers. Teachers frequently are conceptualised as “facilitators” of learning, a positioning that acts to deprofessionalise teachers and reduce the deep pedagogical, content and pedagogical-content knowledge, and expertise that teachers require to effectively support the learning and growth of their students.

This report explores the importance of knowledge from multiple perspectives. Eight key thinkers offer their perspectives of the role and place of knowledge in education and learning.